Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter LED Display (P-01) – Ready Stock (1 to 1 exchange during warranty period)


Sharp Quality OLED Display:
OLED display is larger and brighter. OLED display can be easily and clearly viewed in any environment.

Measure with Comfort:
P-01 designed with silicone material without latex. It is suitable for curvature fingers, making the measurement higher accuracy.

Multi directional Display:
P-01 rotates 4 directions just by pressing on the button. Press once to move the screen horizontally and vertically.

Light Weight:
P-01 weighted at 45g after you 2 AAA batteries inserted.

One Touch:
At a single button touch, P-01 will displayed your measurement in 8 second.

Film Proctection:
P-01 comes with protective film on its display screen.

SPO2 Measurement Accuracy:
80-99%; +/- 2%
70-79%; +/- 3 %
0-69%; unspecified

Pluse Rate Measurement Accuracy:
30-100; +/- 2 bpm
101-235; +/- 2%

Visual Alarm:
Battery-low indicator
Low SPO2 indicator by Blinking

Warranty: 6 month on the date purchase – One new unit will be replace within the warranty period.