CPAP Mask Liners – Full Face CPAP Mask Soft, Washable Mask protector (A Pack of 2 Liners)



Product description:

CPAP Mask Liners act as your mask protector, it able to – Prevents Pressure Lines and Air Leaks for a Comfortable Nights Sleep!

No more – whistling, re-adjusting, and leaking when you roll over just because you are a side sleeper or stomach sleeper. No More – Pressure ulcers, bruising, allergic reaction, blotchy skin, and mask marks!

Simply putting barriers to contact between your CPAP equipment and your face makes sleeping with your CPAP more comfortable and less distracting.

You will notice the difference in one night – Eliminate Mask / Skin Irritation. Hypoallergenic.

All you have to do is cut the hole in the middle of the mask cover for a tailored facial fit. Then put it on your mask. Next, wrap the soft protective neck strap cover over the bottom of the headgear, and you are set!

This set includes 2 mask liners. If you have obstructive sleep apnea and wear a FULL FACE MASK (for CPAP or BIPAP), then these liners will benefit you by extending the life of your mask and letting you sleep through the night.

Mask Liners are soft and washable! Wash and reuse.

CPAP Liners

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